SUMMIT reinvents a liberal arts education for the 21st century by preparing every student to be an effective change agent in a global society. Guided by a personal board of advisors, every student, regardless of major, designs an individualized course of study and co-curricular experiences that develop leadership abilities and understanding of complex global dynamics. Equipped with a rigorous liberal arts and sciences education, an understanding of complex global issues and the ability to lead strategically and honorably, Agnes Scott graduates are ready to scale the next SUMMIT.

Leadership Development

Leadership is the practice of effectively mobilizing people to engage challenges. The Leadership Development components of the Summit curriculum educate students to lead honorably.  At Agnes Scott, we assume that: there are many ways to lead; every individual has leadership potential; and honorable leadership ability can be developed through experience, study and critical self-reflection.

Global Learning

The Center for Global Learning is where global learning really takes flight (or boat, or foot, or bike!) As a central theme of Summit, global learning at Agnes Scott College equips Scotties to understand and navigate our increasingly “global” world. Today we all encounter an exhilarating and overwhelming range of people, ideas, cultures, and commodities. Your experiences during your years at Agnes Scott will prepare you to translate those encounters as a student and as a leader.

Digital Portfolio 

Beginning our first semester, we were shown and introduced to the importance of a digital media platform to showcase our experiences, accomplishments, and reflections. Here is my (forever-evolving) product after four years of work at Agnes Scott College as a scholar, varsity athlete, leader, and global citizen that I have developed into while my time here.

SUMMIT 400 Requirements

SUMMIT Learning Outcomes