One Love

Since my first year at Agnes Scott, I have been involved with HERO (Health Education and Resource Organization), a club on campus that focuses on the mental, emotional, and physical health and well being of Agnes Scott’s student body. This year, I accomplished one of the goals I set as a freshman, I became president of the club. I have always been very interested in the subject and activities around public health and thought what better way to be involved than with this club. This has allowed me to become heavily involved with the student body and student life coordinators on campus where I even became trained in bystander awareness through the wellness center on campus. This has allowed me to lead training of other campus leaders and communities on campus in bystander awareness and sexual assault awareness trainings.

Credit “SPArC/RespectCon” by Iara Moran is licensed under CC BY 4.0

I have also participated in workshops and events at other colleges and conferences such as Oglethorpe University One Love Campaign and Emory 2018 RespectCon where I have learned about the prevalence of campus sexual assaults and the culture around it throughout different universities in the United States. There is a huge student movement bringing greater awareness to campus officials and asking for proper action. This is sill a huge work of progress but in the midst of it all, I am always inspired at how students work together in the past, now, and in the future for their rights. This is something I wish to continue to be a part of for the rest of my life and has greatly impacted the role I would like to play as a future pediatric physician and representative for children and young adults everywhere.  


SUMMIT Learning Outcomes associated with this reflection:

  • 6. Articulate and appraise problems and solutions from multiple perspectives critically considering diverse sources of information
  • 7. Recognize, analyze, and employ effective teamwork
  • 11. Analyze human behavior or social relations
  • 12. Cultivate and maintain interpersonal relationships and netoworks
  • 15. Identify, evaluate and strategically utilize campus and community resources
  • 16. Demonstrate honorable and ethical behavior and civic engagement

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